While a massage can be done without oil, such a task can be quite challenging and cumbersome for both the therapist and the person receiving the massage. The main purpose of the massage oil is to help reduce the friction between the hands and the skin. As such, whether it is just a regular massage, a deep tissue massage, or a chiropractic massage, using essential oils will surely enhance the experience and allow the person getting a massage enjoy its full benefits.

At QLD massage, we provide a wide range of high quality massage oils to help you make the most of a massage. Whether you are a professional therapist or someone who loves receiving and giving massages, these essentials oils are definitely a must-have.

A Quick Guide for Choosing the Best Massage Oil

There are many different types of massage oils, with each of them having their unique qualities and health benefits. But no matter which type you choose, make sure that you keep these factors into consideration.

A good massage oil is one that has low viscosity. Instead of sticking to the skin when you apply it, it should flow easily and provide a good glide.
Similarly, a good massage oil is one that has low density. It should be pure and generally filtered to ensure that you will get great results.
You must also consider the oil’s purity before settling for a specific type of massage oil. Filtered oils usually feel better to the touch because they are more refined. They are also less greasy, which makes them suitable for all types of massages.
Can be absorbed in a reasonable amount of time
When buying massage oil, make sure it is absorbed into the skin, but not too quickly. After all, you’d certainly want it to linger on the skin while you are still giving or receiving a massage.
Unless absolutely needed, you should avoid using oils with an unpleasant scent because the odour tends to stick to the skin for a certain period of time. If you can’t find a good massage oil with a scent to your liking, you can try adding fragrant essential oils to mask the smell.
It is always an excellent idea to choose massage oils that have moisturising properties as they help keep the skin smooth and hydrated for a significant amount of time.


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